Standard Deviation issue 105.
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THIS TURN: SPRING 1934 NEXT ISSUE: End Game Statements DEADLINE: SEE Front page

As far as I know, this was the longest running gunboat game. This game made Diplomacy History!

WINTER 1933 Game vote results:

Results of vote on the proposal for a A/E/F/I draw: Yes = 4; No = 0 ; (NVR = 0 & NVR = NO.)

The Draw passes. Game is over.

Supply Center Chart WINTER 1933

Centers GAINS losses
Vienna, Budapest, Trieste, Serbia, Rumania, Munich, Berlin, Sevastapol, Moscow, Warsaw
London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Norway, St.Petersburg
Paris, Brest, Belguim, Holland, Kiel, Denmark, Sweden
Rome, Naples, Venice, Bulgaria, Tunis, Smyrna, Constantinopol, Spain, Portugal, Marseilles, Greece, Ankara
Build 11


1 played on short last year, and will do so again this year. ((This is getting easy, as it hasn't changed in a long time.))

SPRING 1934 -THIS ONE IS OVER! There is a weight challenged woman singing!

A MUNICH -Burgundy; A BERLIN -S-Bohemia-Munich; A BOHEMIA -Munich; A SILESIA -S-Bohemia-Munich; A LIVONIA -St. Petersburg; A MOSCOW -S-Livonia-St. Pete; A WARSAW -Livonia; A PRUSSIA -S-Warsaw-Livonia; A TYROLIA -S-Trieste; A TRIESTE -S-Tyrolia.

F BOTHNIA -S- A Stp: A STP hold; F MAO Hold: F IRISH -S- MAO; F NAO -S- Mao.

F ENG CHAN -S- (E) F Iri - Mid, (NSO); F BREST -S- A Gas; A GASCONY -S- (E) F Mid- Spa(sc), (NSO); A BURGUNDY -S- A Gas; A BELGUIM -S- A Bur; A RUHR -S- F Kie; F KIEL -S- (A) A Sil - Ber, (NSO) .

A MARSEILLES -Bur, A PIEDMONT -Mar; F LYON -S- A Pie-Mar; A SPAIN -Gas; F NAF -Mid; F WMED -S- F Naf-Mid; F PORT -S- F Naf-Mid; A VENICE H; A TUSCANY -S- A Ven; F GREECE Hold; F CON Hold.

Unit positions in CAPITAL LETTERS Underlined moves fail. OTB = Off The Board.


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Swiftsure well written Black press:

Italy to GM: Note that I have A Tus, not A Rom as shown on the map.

GM to World: You are correct, and England pointed this out to me as well. I only made four maps, and taped them into the zines that only the players of this game get. I don't even have a copy to check myself, so I will take your word for it. I appreciate it when you people let me know when I muck things up. As for this game, it's a moot point. I want to thank you all for sticking it out and staying with this one. Congratulations on being in the longest known gunboat game. I will make sure Lee Kendter, Jr. know this game was played here. I already told him once when I saw him at EPGS the last time I was there. (Lee, Sorry I mispelled you name in the zine. I meant to come back and check the spelling, but forgot.)

France to World: So, did the fat lady sing? ((Yes, get a big fat end statement ready.))

Austria-England/France: The ball is not in my court. If you want some action one of you fellows should stab the other. If a even attempt to stab Italy he ( and France ) would come swarming in and crush me.

Italy to France: My congratulations on spelling "bated" correctly. This is better than most newspaper reporters are able to do. You see "baited" rather than "bated", "horde" mixed up with "hoard", and so forth. ((Well, that was proof that I didn't write it.))

Bustress to Bruce: Don't miss me, Brucie Boy! I'm still hangin' around!

Rome to Vienna: Let's keep pushing for a little while longer to see whether we can break anything that's blue. ((You won't have too.))

End game report: Thanks to Paul Milewski for his help in getting back issues for me so I could do a history on this game.

This game was announced in UPSTART #15, and got it's official start the following issue. That was in March 1989. UPSTART ceased publication after issue 64. I was orphan custodian when Garret sent me the game info, and I saw that David Wang, one of my subscribers at the time, was England. So I took the game since he was already getting the zine. Dan Gornam may also have been a subscriber. Both NMRed out. Paul Milewski, you have been one of the most helpful standbies in this zine, and I am very greatful. He has also even helped me on my spelling, and as (my) Sandy knows, I really need help on my spelling. Ron Cameron seems like a really nice guy, (Ron, I think I remember you from Lu Henry's Tacky), but he resigned from the game. Since he resigned, I have continued to send him the zine.

The game was apparently named after a British battleship Swiftsure. It was a light battleship, and the British were building this ship for Chile, but when WWI broke out the British decided to keep the ship for themselves. (Actually, I haven't verified Garret's report, but I don't doubt it.)

The Known Players:
Austria: Dan Gorman (drop '26), Andy Wetzel (draw)
England: David Wang (drop '24), David Anderson ('25), Paul Milewski (draw)
France: Rafael Brinner (draw)
Italy: Eric Brosius (draw)
Russia: Ron Cameron (res w'28), Bob Altland (elim w'30)

Swiftsure Supply Center Count
Year: 0102030405 060708091011 12131415
Austria 444455566 544445
England 578910986 6565555
France 66776666 7877888
Germany 420----- -------
Italy 444434445 555555
Russia 456777710 10111213121212
Turkey 45433342 0----- -
UPSTRT 17202325272931 3335373941434547
Year:1617181920 21222319242526 27282930
Austria 3 2 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 8 8 10
England 5 3 4 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
France 911121312111010 8977777
Italy 676889101011 111111111112
Russia 11119754445 45533 0
U/ABS/SD 4951535557596264 49515557596264
Year: 31323334
Austria 1010 1010
England 5 5 5 5
France 7 7 7 7
Italy 121212 12
ABS/SD 66687071

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