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I'm taking the picture! Sandy and Steve Dean in a trolly at the Baltimore Trolly Museum, Baltimore, MD. Baltimore has two rail museums, the B&O Museum and the smaller Trolly Museum off of Fox Street. Steve was good enough to take us on a little tour of this.

FR: Tom, Donna, Sandy, Paul;
 SR: Barbara, Julie's Husband, Julie, unknown Julie Abrams nee Frost's Wedding!

JohnRare John Schultz photo.

Dwight B. McMahonDwight McMahon.

R2L: Roger Cox, Danny, Paul, Anna, & Sandy1998. A visit to Spartinburg, SC. On our travels back from Charleston, SC, we made a little detour and visited Roger in Spartinburg. Later that day we visited the Cowpens battlefield. Cowpens is where outnumbered and out gunned American General Daniel Morgan defeated the British, using the three lines of defense. This battle was the turning point in the South during the American War for independance.

Donna and SteveDonna and Steve's wedding. Yes, they took their dogs to the wedding.

Donna'sA Dip get together at Donna Higgins in 1993.

Brad'sA VertigoCon 1994? I don't quite remember when this picture was taken, but it has quite a cast. From left to right, John Caruso, Tom Swider, Brad Wilson, the late Patches, Donna Higgins, me, Tom Mainardi, John's daughter(I don't remember her name), Julie Martin (Dick's wife), Jack McHugh, Jeff Bonner, Linda Courtemanche, Bobby Courtemanche, Steve Courtemanche and unknown (one of Jeff's friends).

Pea Patch Island, DelSandy and Paul, with Fort Delaware in the background. Fort Delaware was finished in 1859, just before the outbreak of the Amercan Civil War. This coastal fort was designed to protect the coastline and Philadelphia from sea invasion. During the War, the Federals kept control and used the island fort as a P.O.W. camp. Its guns were kept trained on the prison camp and Delaware.
The state of Delaware voted to secede from the union, but also prudently decided to do so AFTER Maryland seceded. When the Maryland legislature planned to meet to make their vote to secede from the union, Abraham Lincoln had the whole legislature thrown in jail, and kept them in there for the duration of the war. The move wasn't constitutional, but it probably saved Washington and Baltimore.
Fort Delaware is located on Pea Patch Island, near Delaware City. Pea Patch Island is between Fort Mott in New Jersey, and Fort Du Pont in Delaware.

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