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Local Gaming Clubs
One of the Best gaming clubs in the Delaware Valley is Eastern Pennsylvania Gamers Society.
One of the best game stores in South Jersey is The Gamer's Realm in East Windsor, NJ. The Gamer's Realm in East Windsor, NJ, is still going strong, and may be the only place to find games like Diplomacy, Privateer and Empire Builder on the shelves. There is another new comic book and game store that Just openned in West Berlin, NJ. It is called All Things Fun," located on Rt 73.
Gaming Sources
Avalon Hill Games.
Clash of Arms Games, a really good local wargame company, maker of Mark Cambell's Close Action. They published local Ed Wimble's 1777: Year of the Hangman. It may be possible to find it on E-bay.
Avalanche Press, the current home of John Prados' Third Riech WWII wargame.
Web Grognards, a really good wargame site.
Mayfair Games, a really good game company. They make Empire Builder and Eurorails.
Flying Buffalo Games, makers of the tongue in cheek "Nuclear War" game and I believe the oldest surviving independant game company in the United States!
Operational Studies Group. Napoleonic era. Also a very good Interview with Kevin Zucker by Antoine Thevenon but you need to scroll down a couple of inches.
Columbia Games Company. Good "fog of war" wooden block wargames.
Decision Games. A lot of old SPI titles are being republished here.
Starfire Design Studio, the science fiction game now owned by Marshall Lamb.
Steve Jackson Games. Remember OGRE and Illuminati?
Eagle Games. How about a new Civilization Boardgame.
Fantasy Flight Games, the makers of Twilight Imperium, a Axis&Allies style science fiction boardgame.
Shrapnel Games. I had to include this link. You can find a lot of good wargames, even though they are computer games. Another reason why the zine is really late.
For Space Empires IV, and Space Empires V updates and news see the Malfador Machinations Site.
For some multi-player computer fun, how about The Bleeding Edge computer service store, Audubon, NJ.
Don Greenwood's group, the Boardgame Players Association. A great gaming convention. This is done in the spirit of the late Avaloncon. Also known as "Don Con."
ConSim World.
Advanced Squad Leader is now published by MultiMan Publishing. This is the game saved by Curt Schilling, a former Philadelphia Phillie and now pitches for the Boston Red Sox. Also on staff is Russ Bunten, Perry Cocke, and others.
GMT Games, a wargame publisher.

For the discount games there's Funagain Games.
Another Boardgame site to buy boardgames is Fairplay Games.

Play Stellar Crisis, a multi-player web space empire game!


USA Military News

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Visit the official Collingswood, New Jersey web page!
How about a little humor. (very little humor.)
This is the World's largest HO Train layout called Northlandz!
Lesley Martin and Jody Maple's Web page.

Personal - real estate:
The South Jersey Investors Web site.
Mr. Pat Murphy's Web site. This is an excellent resource for finding available HUD houses and VA houses.
Educate you self with info from the self proclaimed real estate ghodess herself, Vena Jones-Cox, on Real Life Real Estate.
Mr. Jeff Taylors
Mr. Landlord, a really good landlord resource site. Get his e-mail web newsletter!
The Down to Earth Landlord by Donald Beck. An ex-teacher turned Landlord shares his knowledge. He is a board member of DIG (see below).

Personal - home
Visit the
Cowpens National Battlefield site in South Carolina. I've been here, and it's a neat little battlefield. Worth going out of you way if you are near the area.
The battle of Cowpens was a battleduring the American war of Independence.
Another website I take care of is Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church.
This was the USS Vesole, DD 878, the Destroyer that my father served on when he was in the Navy. The Vesole site. And their uniform patch.
Here's the ABSOLUTE photo album.

Cherry Hill,NJ
Lockheed Martin.
L-3 Communications, Communications Systems- East Division in Camden, NJ.
International Space Station
Lockheed Martin's Advanced TechnologyLaboratory.

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