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Northern Ireland Diplomacy . A Diplomacy Varient of Northern Ireland's worst days.
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Steve's Spot, Steve Cameron's gaming and convention Newsletter. (Not updated in a long time).
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SUPERNOVA is a 36 page booklet explaining the Postal Diplomacy Hobby. To get a booklet on an intoduction to Postal Diplomacy, send $1 to: Mr. Fred C. Davis, Jr.: 3210-K Wheaton Way; Ellicott City, MD 21043

Who we are:

Hello! This is ABSOLUTE! Online, a electronic voice of a postal game zine. This is a web page dedicated to the Play By snail Mail newsletter called ABSOLUTE!. The newsletter is nicknamed a "zine," short for "fan-zine." The term is borrowed from those wonderful sci-fi fans who made fan zines about their favorite Star Trek, Babylon5 or Blake7, (or Dr. Who, etc.), episodes. (I hear rumors that there may be a new Babylon5 movie.) The modern day version of this is fan created Starship Exeter.
There are several postal Diplomacy zines. This zine was really named ABSOLUTE!/ Standard Deviation. The name ABSOLUTE! was loosely from a mathmatic term, but also to my favorite votka at the time, (1990-1991). Standard Deviation is a statistical term. It is a mathmatical way of averaging the main sample of something. Varience is the flyer of ABSOLUTE!/Standard Deviation, used basically to correct errors in the adjudication, but also was once used to report a local game with daily deadlines. PBM Diplomacy was started by John Boardman's GRAUSTARK, which today is still a fine place to play Diplomacy.
What game do we play? Why Avalon Hill's Diplomacy, of course.
Avalon Hill Games has been making a thinking person's game for years. And we also play some variants based on Diplomacy. The Avalon Hill Games is a division of Hasbro.

The Diplomacy hobby, ("Dipdom"), is make up of very diverse people of all ages and from all walks of life. We differ in everything from our politics to what music we like to listen to. We may like different types of games. Some prefer bridge, some roll playing games, or economic simulations, or rail games, and I, myself use to be a pretty avid wargamer. But our common denominator is playing that diceless version of seven player chess known as Diplomacy. The only chance in the game is you never know what the other player is going to do until you see their orders. The Diplomacy is played on a map of 1914 Europe.

Yes, I do tend to name the games being played here after American Scientists.

note: After over ten years of running a Diplomacy Zine, Absolute is now running down to a fold. The final issue is planned to be issue 99. That is, if I get running again.

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Coming to visit? Check out our local weather. We are located near Philadelphia, PA.

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