September 7, 1999

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Gerald O'Hare, Chapter President
Ed Devine, Chapter Vice President
Who we are:
A Chairde, Hello! This is the IAUC Online, a electronic voice of the Irish American Unity Conference, South Jersey Chapter. This is a web page is dedicated to getting information out about IAUC news.

The Irish American Unity Conference is a coalition of Americans who are committed to seek BOTH peace AND justice in Eire and Northern Ireland. The IAUC is non violent, and is not backing any armed overthrow of any government. The IAUC is non-sectarian. We are a collection of people of all religious backgrounds: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and other, all working for a common goal. We're t all are concerned over the civil and human rights of the people in Ireland. The IAUC does NOT send any funding overseas. We educate people of the truth.

We do recognize that all sides have suffered in the troubles of Northern Ireland, and mainland Britain.

We are opposed to the use of internment, or the act of rounding up people of a select community whether they are suspects or not.

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The South Jersey IAUC is disbanding. The primary reason for this is that the membership has been dwindling for some time, and the remaining active members wished to put their efforts in with other organizations. Message from the chapter president:

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Phone numbers:
Irish American Unity Conference, National Office: 1-800-947-IAUC,
Irish Northern Aide: 1-800-IRELAND

Meeting Times: (usually starts at 7:15 p.m.)

Next Meeting: n/a
Call Gerry O'Hare

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OTHER NEWS: The Irish Federation meets at the Philadelphia Irish Center; 6815 Emlen Street; Philadelphia, PA, 19119.

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