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Irish American Unity Conference, South Jersey Chapter

Irish link sites. Some not-so-common web sites for Irish news--
Famine sites:
The Kingston Irish Famine Commemoration Association: An Gorta Mor.
Another Irish famine site: An Gorta Mor/ The Chicago Irish Memorial.

Our field-tested and New Jersey state-approved Irish famine curriculum posted on the Nebraska Department of Education web site: Irish Famine Intro.

History of Saint Patrick
O'Connell Street of both Philadelphia and Cleveland.
James Mullen's article on O'Connell Street
One of the most contriversal Organizations in Northern Ireland is the Orange Order. Below are several links, both favorable and unfavorable to them.
Although the Orange Order started in Northern Ireland, the organization has now spread to other countries, including here in the United States. To help understand them, here is the Orange Order Watch.
O'Connell Street of Philadelphia.

Irish News Organizations

The Irish Echo newspaper, Irish American news.
The Irish Times newspaper from Dublin, Eire. Irish mainstream news.
The Irish Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) or Radio-Television Eire (Ireland) is the Irish Public Service Broadcasting Organisation.
Alternative Irish news: An Phoblacht/Republican News.
Northern Ireland Information Centre, British Northern Ireland news.
Irish A Belfast paper.
Go here to listen to the news with a real audio stream, You can hear the news there or click on WRN at the site for yet more programs.

Irish Political Organizations

The websites of political groups, in their own words. As one could expect, they are on their best behavor.
The Alliance Party official web page.
The Fine Gael official web page.(pronounced fee-na gale) is currently the main opposition party in the Republic of Ireland.
The Fianna Fail official web page.
The Grand Orange Lodge web page.
The Social Democratic & Labor Party official web page.
The Sinn Fein official web page.
The Ulster Unionist party official web page.
The Democratic Unionist Party official web page.

Irish Fringe Organizations

The Combat 18 forum web page.
The Ulster Nation web page.
The Loyalist & Orange Information Services web page.

And more interesting stuff:
The CAIN Web Service Abstracts on Organisations That Were Prominent During 'the Troubles'.
or for that matter.... The Northern Ireland Conflict (1968 to the Present) page.
The Battle of the Somme history web page.
Irish American Unity Conference, National Office.
Political Wall Murals from Northern Ireland. Very colorful.
What is the Orange Order?
Northern Ireland Links.
H-Block Four Updates on Irish Political prisoners, and e-mail links where to write to them.
Keep up on the news of Bernadette Devlin McAliskey's daughter, Roisin McAliskey, who had a baby in prison while wrongly accused of a bombing in Germany.
The Human Rights Watch. Monitoring the 1998 marching season.
The 3 brothers killed. Old CNN artical during the 1998 marching season.

Fun Irish Organizations

"where's the crac? see below!
Cara Society of South Jersey Lists the groups coming events, and other Irish links.
Irish American Unity Conference, South Jersey Chapter
We at the Absolute Online site do not agree with everything listed on this page. Their websites are provided for historical and political study only.

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