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++++++++++ HARKONNEN HOCKEY LEAGUE ++++++++++



Paul Muad'Dib Award for League's Most Valuable Player

Mark Messier - CC

Normally awarded by leagues to the best player on the best team, Messier gets this award for balance in both scoring and assisting (8G 6A) and for his 2 game- winning goals (tied for the lead with Selanne WW and Oates AA.) Messier edges out runners-up LemieuxM CD and Kariya WW by dint of having played every game and having taken his team to the playoffs.

Stilgar Award for Highest Scoring Player

Mario Lemieux - CD

With 16 points, Lemieux wins out over Kariya for having scored more goals. Messier, Francis and Jagr are just out of the running with 14 points each.


Duncan Idaho Award for Best Defenseman

Ray Bourque - AA

With more goals than most forwards (6) Bourque was outstanding on a team whose defense was hobbled by injury and suspensions (see Schneider, MurphyL, Ellett, Johansson and Gonchar.) Leetch and Tverdovsky are the runners-up in this category.


Guild Representative Award for Rookie of the Year

Jim Campbell - UD

With two goals and two assists, Campbell made a decent contribution. Runners-up include Lalime, who went 3-1, thought mostly from offense, as his GAA was 4.50, and Janne Niinimaa, whose 3 assists came as a defenseman.


Bene Gesserit Award for Best Defensive Performances

The Akron Argonauts

With two goalies under 3.00 GAA, Jim Carey and Felix Potvin, the Argonauts benefitted as much from good goaltending as from keeping opponents' scoring down. The Dalmations of Doom and the Collingswood Cougars are runners-up.


Gurney Halleck Award for Best Goaltender

Chris Osgood - CC

Though playing only 6 games whilst other goalies played 11+ games, Osgood kept a GAA under 2.00 (1.67) and won twice as many games as he lost (4-2). Potvin (3-1-1,2.80) and Fuhr (5-3-2,3.70) are runners-up.


Piter de Vries Award for Best Manager

Albert Chiu - CD

Making moves every week of the season, often taking out a player recruited for one or two weeks who contributed and then was discarded in favour of another good choice, Albert managed his way to the Emperor's Trophy for top regular-season team. Runners-up are Steve Cameron for similar moves and for stimulating the trade business with PEOPLE HE DOESN'T LIVE WITH, and Paul Kenny for some good deals. All three managers, and Ward Narhi, are to be commended for good line creation.


Doctor Yueh Award for Why Wasn't He Playing Every Week!?!?

Mats Sundin - CL

In the top five of the N-HL all season, Sundin fell prey to the very clever, but rarely used substitution scheme of the Clementon Calamari. Melissa asked that whole lines be subbed in when someone sat out, to preserve line-integrity. When it became apparent that players on Sundin's line were injured, and therefore he himself (with linemate Doug Gilmour) would sit out, this scheme needed modification. Runners-up are Patrick Roy (though Hasek was a workhorse) and the lack of the Watervliet Ice Weasels to EVER replace LaFontaine.


Beast Rabban Award for Brute Force

Castle Downs Ice Bandits

The Ice Bandits won most of their games whilst still giving up the league high in Goals Against. Averaging almost 5 goals a game, the Ice Bandits epitomise the Spirit of Fantasy Leagues. Runners-up are the Akron Argonauts, for, when they won instead of drawing, won by overpowering their opponents.


Thufir Hawatt Award for Most Damaging Injury

Pat LaFontaine - WW

Out for the entire HHL season, the absence of LaFontaine may well have kept Watervliet out of the playoffs. Also, the absence of LaFontaine made picking up players like Dawe, Audette and Grosek, as a Buffalo Sabres line, moot.
Runner-up: Claude Lemieux - CL. His stomach injury is Karmic, pay-back by the Hockey Gods for his facial restructuring of Kris Draper in last year's playoffs, and his being out of the line-up really screwed with Clementon's performance, since every week he was out kept Hull from playing. (See Doctor Yueh Award above.)


Lady Jessica Award         Chani Award           Irulan Award
First All-Star Team    Second All-Star Team   Third All-Star Team

  LemieuxM CD              Messier CC             Francis CD
   Kariya WW               Selanne WW             Gartner CD
    Jagr CC                Leclair DD             Shanahan UD

  Bourque AA              Tverdovsky UD           Stevens WW
  Leetch DD                MurphyG DD             Chelios CC

  Osgood CC                Carey AA                Fuhr CD
  Potvin AA                Hasek UD               Brodeur WW
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