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League team rosters, as of February 26, 1997

HHL Finals as of March 17, 1997.

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Subject: HHL Week 17 - Playoff Results!!!

Without further ado, the decisive match...


1996-97 HHL Team rosters

Castle Downs
Upper Darby

Upper Darby Underdogs

Steve Cameron e-mail: cameron@astro.ocis.temple.edu
Shanahan f det
Kozlov f det
Fedorov f det

Bure,P.  f Van
Ridley f Van
Gelinas F Van

Arnott f Edm
Kovalenko f Edm
Smyth F Edm

Tkachuk f Phx
Forsberg f Col
Janney f Phx

Zhitnik d Buf    \
Smehlik d Buf   -- +1 defense bonus
Galley d Buf     /
Tverdovsky d Phx
Berard d NYI
Niinimaa d Phl

Hasek g Buf
Roy g Col

Alfredsson F OTT
Pivonka f Was
Iginla f cal
Naslund f van
Juneau f Was
Lacroix f Col
Campbell f Stl
Jones f Col

Jovanovski d fla
Numminen d phx
MacIver d phx
Malakhov d mtl

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Castle Downs Ice Bandits

Albert Chiu       e-mail: achiu@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

Lemieux f PITT
Dziedzic f PITT
Ron Francis, f, PITT

Roenick f phx
Gartner f phx
Ronning f phx

Sakic F Col
Turgeon f stl
Kamensky F Col

Modano f dal
Verbeek f dal
Koivu f Mtl

Lumme d van
Hedican d Van
Blake d la
Roman Hamrlik d TB
B. Mironov d edm
Dmitri Mironov d Ana

McLean g Van
Hirsch g Van

Sandstrom f Hfd
Ferraro f la
Khristich f la
Mogilny f van
Adams f dal
Wooley F PITT

MacInnis d Stl
Iafrate d sj

Joseph g Edm
Moog g DAL

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Clementon Calamari

Melissa Bingnear     e-mail:5792@mail.snip.net

Lemieux f col
Deadmarsh f col
Hull f stl

Bellows f ana
Ciccarellu f tb
Selivanov f tb

Nolan f sj
Nicholls f sj
Nieuwendyk f dal

Niedermayer f fla
Mellanby f fla
Straka f fla

Svoboda   d  Phi
Dykhuis     d  Phi
SamuelssonKjell  d  Phi
Therien   d  Phi
McSorely d  SJ
Chambers d  NJ

Hextall g Phi
Richter g NYR

Snow g Phi   	   Sub Line 1
Sundin Tor     	 Fleury
Fleury	Cal	Zelepukin
Kurri	Ana
Zelepukin	NJ	Sub Line 2
Gilmour      NJ	   Sundin
Satan f Buf    	 Kurri
Zalapski d Edm  	Gilmour
Petit d TB
Brylin NJ		 else:::

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Akron Argonauts

Ward Narhi        e-mail: narhiw@diebold.com

Zhamnov f chi
Amonte f chi
Bondra  f was

Gretzky f nyr
Weight f Edm
Lindros f Phi

Palffy f nyi
Green f nyi
King f nyi( Was he traded to Hartford?)

Oates f WAS
Heinze f bos
Stumpel f Bos

Housley d was
Johansson d was
Gonchar d was
MurphyL d Det
Schneider d tor
Bourque d bos

Potvin g Tor(Or is he in MTL?)
Carey g BOS

Sheppard f Fla
Cullen f tb
Goneau f nyr
Sundstrom f nyr
Clark f Tor
Bradley f tb
Burr f tb
Daze f Chi
Garpenlov  f Fla
Ellett d NJ    

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Collingswood Cougars

Paul Kenny          e-mail: pdkenny@net-gate.com

Messier f NYR
Robitaille f NYR
Graves f NYR

Recchi  f  MTL
Savage f MTL
V. Bure f MTL

Jagr f PIT
Nedved f PIT
Barnes f  PIT

Smolinski f NYI
Marty Macinnis f NYI (Was he traded to Cal??)
Niklas Andersson f NYI

Hatcher,K d PITT
Olausson d PITT
Lidstrom d Det
Konstantinov d Det
Chelios d Chi
Ozolinsh d Col    [Karpovtsev - Zubov]

Vernon  g Det
Hackett g Chi

Rucinsky f Mtl 
Olczyk f PITT
Todd f ANA
Muller  f  Tor
Hicks f PITT  (I do????)
Karpovtsev d NYR
Suter d Chi
Zubov d Dal

Osgood g Det
Lalime g PITT

IR: Kovalev f NYR [as of January 16, 1997]

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Dalmations of Doom

Sandy Kenny and Daniel Morgan Kenny (and Sam, the Dalmation)
e-mail: pdkenny@net-gate.com        (Sandy shares Paul's e-mail)

Leclair f phi
Falloon f phi
Renberg f phi

Brind'Amour f phi
Hawerchuk f phi
Trent Klatt f  PHI

Primeau f hfd
Tocchet f WAS
Dineen f hfd

Linden f van
Ricci f col
Granato f sj

MurphyG d fla
Carkner d fla
Desjardins d phi
Leetch d nyr
Featherstone d hfd
Wesley d hfd

Vanbiesbrouck g FLA
Fitzpatrick g FLA

Podein f phi
Semenov f buf
CourtnallGeoff f stl
Perrault f la

Paul  Coffey d Phi
Haller d Hfd
Chiasson d cal

Tom Barrasso g Pit
Muzzatti g hfd
Burke g hfd

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Watervliet Ice Weasels

Kurt Stutt          e-mail: stuttk@rpi.edu

Kariya f Ana
Selanne f Ana
Drury f Ana

Lafontaine f Buf
Holzinger f Buf
Yzerman f Det

Daigle f Ott
Yashin f Ott
Thomas f NJ

Damphousse f Mtl
Richer f Mtl
MacLean f NJ

Stevens d NJ
Niedermayer d NJ
Driver d NYR
Pronger d Stl
Wolanin d Col
Smith (Steve) d Chi

Brodeur g NJ
Dunham g NJ

:::::Specific Substitution Orders:::::
Insert Semak, Van for any injured forward 
Cote, Was, for any injured defenseman.

Puppa g TB
Krupp d  Col
HatcherD d DAL
Fetisov d Det
Terreri g Chi
Millen    Cal
Mullen f PITT (at 40 years old)
Nikolishin  WAS

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Last weeks results.



          UnderDogs 8, Argonauts 5
       [UnderDogs win Championship, 2-1]

Upper Darby      2     5     1       8
Akron            4     1     0       5

First Period - 1, Upper Darby, Tkachuk 2 (Janney,
Forsberg). 2, Upper Darby, Fedorov 2 (Shanahan). 3,
Akron, Stumpel 2 (Cullen,Bourque). 4, Akron,
MurphyL 1. 5, Akron, Oates 1 (Bourque,Bondra). 6,
Akron, Palffy 2 (Stumpel,Bondra).

Second Period - 7, Upper Darby, Shanahan 4 (Fedorov).
8, Akron, Weight 1 (Lindros,MurphyL). 9, Upper Darby,
Gelinas 2 (Niinimaa,Tverdovsky). 10, Upper Darby,
Fedorov 3 (Kozlov). 11, Upper Darby, Forsberg 2 (Gelinas,
Niimimaa). 12, Upper Darby, Arnott 2 (Forsberg,Galley).

Third Period - 13, Upper Darby, Galley 2 (Zhitnik,Gelinas).

Goalies:  Upper Darby, Roy (1-0,5.00);
Akron, Potvin (1-1,5.50). 

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===============Final Standings================

TEAM              W    L    T    F    A    Pts [Goal Difference]
Castle Downs-x    6    3    3   57   46    15       +11
Collingswood-x    7    4    1   45   39    15       + 6
Akron-x           4    3    5   37   33    13
Upper Darby-x     6    6    0   36   38    12

Watervliet        5    6    1   33   39    11
Doom              4    6    2   37   36    10
Clementon         3    7    2   24   40     8

[x :  clinched playoff berth]

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See the First Annual HHL Awards.

Okay: the Stats...

TEAM                  GOALS       ASSISTS     ASSISTS       GOALS       GOALS
                      SCORED      SCORED      NEEDED        LOST        SAVED
Upper Darby       9        13        14        1        0
Akron             8         8        10        3        0

HHL Sports Commentary.

Commentary: If, and in a way it's possible, we can reduce this season to this one game, then the Championship was *almost* decided by management, in accordance with rules I put in specifically to separate great teams from great teams managed well. There's no doubt that Ward's team has a bevy of great scorers: Lindros, Gretzky, Oates, Bondra, Sheppard. But the problem is that none of them has an N-HL linemate. The lack of proper line creation cost Ward 2 goals in this game. Oates' goal needed 2 assists. By placing him on a line with Bondra, it would have needed 1. Stumpel's goal required one assist, *if* he had a Bruin linemate. In practice it needed 2. Weight, with no Oilers on his line, needed an extra assist for his. Add these three assists to the spare generated by Bourque, and Sheppard and King could have scored.
With the exception of Forsberg, the UnderDogs *all* have N-HL linemates, and squeeze every point from the second tier players that pushed the team over the top: Gelinas, Ridley, Smyth, Janney.

Yet, it's comforting to know that wouldn't have mattered. The final margin was 3 goals.

I want to thank and congratulate all the managers for making the second season of the Harkonnen Hockey League even more fun and excellently played than the first.
I will be sending out the first in the Off-Season directives tomorrow. The work never ceases in the Head Office! And, as for the final award... The Mahdi Award: Most Valuable Player of the Playoffs:

Brendan Shanahan, Upper Darby

Runners-up: Martin Gelinas, UD; Josef Stumpel, AA

The dealine for adjusting your rosters is Friday, March 28th. From now until then you may add-drop players in accordance with the waiver rules. i.e. for each player you add, you must drop one.
The purpose of this is to let managers do a little preparation for wheeling/dealing over the Summer, or for personal preference, whatever.
Sometime between now and the deadline I will contact each of you about your roster, i.e. to tell you how many drops you need to make, whatever.
Once the deadline is reached and Rosters are set, we'll probably shut down for a couple of months, and the next activity will involve me securing managers for next season, and preparing our expansion draft.

Kommissionner .

                      HOW TO READ THE RAW SCORESHEET

[+]                       indicates a Defenseman that generates a +1% D-bonus.
[Player's Name and score] indicates a substitute and the points he scored.
d n p                     indicates a player that Did Not Play in the game of record.

Raw Scoresheet:  Game 3.
Upper Darby UnderDogs           Akron Argonauts

Player      G - A [Sub if dnp]  Player      G - A   [Sub if dnp]

Shanahan    1 - 1               Zhamnov     0 - 0
Kozlov      1 - 1               Amonte      0 - 0
Fedorov     2 - 1               Bondra      0 - 2
Bure        0 - 0               Gretzky     0 - 0
Ridley      0 - 0               Weight      1 - 0
Gelinas     1 - 2               Lindros     0 - 1

Smyth       0 - 0               Palffy      1 - 0
Kovalenko   0 - 0               Sheppard    1 - 0
Arnott      1 - 0               King        1 - 0

Tkachuk     1 - 0               Oates       1 - 0
Janney      0 - 1               Stumpel     1 - 1
Forsberg    1 - 2               Cullen      0 - 1

Zhitnik     0 - 1               Housley     1 - 0
Smehlik     0 - 0               Johansson   0 - 0
Galley[+]   1 - 1               Schneider   d n p []
Tverdovsky  0 - 1               MurphyL     1 - 1
Berard      0 - 0               Ellett      d n p []
Niinimaa    0 - 2               Bourque     0 - 2

Hasek       d n p               Potvin      .935
                                Saves 2 goals
Roy         .903 + .01 = .913   Carey       .929 
       Saves 2 Goals

Alfredsson  0 - 1               
Campbell    d n p               Green       0 - 1
Jones       1 - 1               Heinze      d n p
Pivonka     0 - 0               Garpenlov   d n p
                                Bradley     d n p
Iginla      n / a               Clark       0 - 0
Lacroix     0 - 0               Burr        0 - 0
Naslund     n / a               Sundstrom   1 - 0
                                Goneau      d n p
Malakhov    n / a               Daze        2 - 0
Numminen    0 - 0               
Maciver     d n p               Gonchar     d n p

-- Steven McKinnon

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