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Avalon Hill's Diplomacy game

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E-mail other Diplomacy people:
Send e-mail to Michael Lowrey. He's theOrphan Cusdodian.
Both the Boardman Number Custodian and Varient Miller Number Custodian is Tom Howell. And Tom's web site is off-the-shelf
Send e-mail to Jim Burgess . He is the USA-International subscription money translator. He works out the changing of $$$ to the foreign money.
If you are interested in the British zines you can send e-mail to John Harrington . He works with Jim Burgess in arranging foreign zinesubscription exchange.
The complete Absolute! e-mail address list. has been disabled due to SPAM.

Goto otherDiplomacy sites:
Send e-mail to Edi Birsan. He is art of Midnight Games and he is active in supporting the Diplomatic Corps.

Postal Zine Registry
David Wang's szine website.

Diplomatic Pouch online. The Pouch's current on-line curator is Stephen Agar. He also works on the UK Diplomacy Archive.
Read up on some online Diplomacy Tactics.

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